Why You Need To Use Wood Paint Booths

automotive painting in a wood booth

Many companies are specialized in making wood paint booths. Paint Booth Technologies is one of the best companies. The paint booth technologies open design is specialized in making open front and booths. Their structures are engineered for high efficiency, added performance, and versatility. Their enclosures are specially designed to meet the requirement of their customers. These booths are widely used in the auto shops. They are known for providing effective and efficient means of different products. In addition to this, these booths are helpful in ensuring compliance with safety groups such as NEC, NFPA, and OSHA as well as improving the worker’s safety.

Why do you need spray booths?

car painting

  1. These structures are used for protecting the finish of your objects from contaminants as well as creating  a safe or conducive working environment. These booths are designed with efficient exhausts and intake systems that help them in drawing in air. Air is introduced through a series of filters before reaching the object. It is them expelled alongside other toxic fumes and dries paint particles. Ideally, this structure is meant for creating a closed environment for protecting your lungs from toxic fumes. In addition to that, it is helpful in reducing the risk associated with fire and explosion.

Types of wood spray booths

There are different models of spray booths, some are meant for small furniture, plastics, automobiles, boats, aircraft, boats, and motorcycles.

Pressurized booths

These are enclosed structures that work by exhausting the outdoor air at the same flow rate as that in which it is drawn. A heater or air makeup system is used in the cold areas or environment. This heater is used for controlling temperature and air purity. This style is very popular for refinishing and manufacturing electronics, automobiles. They are helpful in creating a clean finish and a quality finish.

Open-face spray booths

This model features two side walls, a ceiling, and an exhaust system. It is an ideal option for finishing furniture and woodworking. You can also find them in automobile facilities such as repair and manufacturing centers.

Non-Pressurized booths

With this system, air is drawn from the surrounding and then expelled into the building through filters. A cold environment requires a heated air system. Some of the major industries that use this unit include auto refinishing and manufacturing, fiberglass and metal work.

It is worth to note that both non-pressurized and pressurized systems have different configurations all of which have their advantages and disadvantages. These configurations include the semi-downdraft, cross flow, side downdraft and downdraft booths.


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