Which CMS Application is Best for Your Media Business?


An effective digital marketing strategy is not only relevant but also up-to-date and complements any functional website. Regularly adjusting your marketing tactics allows you to become the chief influencer in your niche and this is where a reliable Content Management Software (CMS) comes into play. A CMS is a tool that lets you maximize your operational potential by creating and managing content on your website, including such things as web graphics, design, code, and more.

Content Management Software is a crucial tool that proves handy in creating and managing content, blogs, and website. Whereas there are several of these tools out there, you will find that some are a little more effective than others are. The following are the best cms for media businesses that allow you to connect with your target customers effectively.


WordPress is one of the favorite CMS applications with excellent functionalities, impressive features, and outstanding customer support framework. The WordPress vendor has suitable pricing packages that cater to the needs of both small and large media businesses. The system was introduced in 2003 as a simple blogging platform mostly due to its open-source flexibility and ease-of-use.

Nevertheless, it has gradually developed over the years to become a fully-fledged CMS application with thousands of widgets, plugins, and themes. WordPress allows you to add almost anything you have in your mind to your website. It is a robust, all-in-one marketing platform for every media business out there regardless of size.


The HubSpot is another marketing suite that allows you to integrate all the essential components of your inbound marketing strategy. It provides the necessary features in an easy-to-use and tightly integrated platform. It helps media businesses to boost their contacts list and combine email metrics without having to merge and export data.

This software proves handy in the segmentation of emails to achieve a higher customization and delivery. The system includes a host of features that allow you to create and tailor your email campaigns with ease. You can use some of its components to edit, build a responsive design, perform built-in SEO, and handle multiple-device and cross-browser testing. Moreover, the system comes with integrated analytics for use in evaluating the success of your email campaigns.


Kentico is an all-in-one CMS system for building and managing websites and publishing content. It helps you manage your e-commerce and control your marketing campaigns with less effort. Kentico claims to be the only ASP.NET CMS with unique community building capabilities, such as groups, message boards, and forums.

International media businesses will probably appreciate its support of multilingual content. The Kentico system lets you manage your website in more than one language, increasing your online presence. This platform also supports the model-view-controller, which allows you to create and store your content in its database using the API system. You can later populate a customized web layout from your content creation.


BLOGJoomla is an open source CMS application that is widely used by media businesses today. It helps you keep track of your website content and control its quality. Joomla is comparable to a library, which is used to store and keep track of books. It has an easy-to-use interface making it suitable for use by complete novices.

Joomla is functional when it comes to creating and managing a variety of content including text, music, video, images, etc. Its use requires neither content management knowledge nor other technical skills. With this system, managing and organizing content is only a few clicks away.…

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