Reasons to have Security Guard at an office


Security guards are everywhere; they’re at a mall, clubs, cafes, and even some office. You might be thinking that sometimes they can be an annoyance, but the truth is, having a security guard can profit you so much in the business. Ranging from safety to monitoring, having a security guard will always come in handy in an office. In this article we have listed several reasons to have a security guard at an office, should you have one? Make sure to read this article to find out more if you need one.


Our first tip of why you should hire a security guard at an office is that you can prevent any cases of theft or hoaxes. Burglars or thieves will think twice of getting into the office to try to steal stuff from your employee or supplies from the office, and not to mention professional guards are trained to scout for any suspicious activity within the area. Having a surveillance camera helps a lot, but adding a security guard might prevent the act of theft in the first place as it will scare them.

Tip: If you’re thinking to hold an event at the office make sure to check event security guard services in case the event is being held outdoors.

securitySense of security

Having a security guard can increase the sense of security inside the office, which may not seem like much but it’s making you and your employees feel safe. So what’s the benefit of feeling safe? Surely the first benefit is the sense of security might create a peaceful environment, which promotes a great job performance while reducing the sense of insecurity. A sense of insecurity might cause your employee to work in fear, which will hinder the company’s performance, so consider getting a security guard for your office.

Tip: Adding surveillance camera will help your guard to notice if there was any suspicious activity in the past.

Handling a situation

There might be a situation where it will make the employees panic, such as natural disaster, gunshot and many more. When this happens, most people will panic, which creates a perfect chance for burglars or criminals to do what they want as they exploit the situation. Having a security guard will help you to handle the situation as they will escort or lead the people to safety. Besides monitoring duties, a trained guard will ensure the safety of you and your employees, so consider hiring one right away.

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